The Firm

Perez + Radosti Associates, P.C., is an award winning Central New Jersey architectural firm, which has been in business since 1981.  The practice has since grown into a diversely experienced professional firm with a reputation for providing high quality and competitive design services.  Our services have been utilized on hundreds of projects, ranging from minor additions and renovations to major facilities and complexes.  We serve both the public and private sectors including commercial, healthcare, educational, historical, institutional, recreational, religious, hospitality and residential projects.  Our diverse background makes us well educated in complicated building and zoning codes as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Our experience will ensure that your project will run smoothly without delay.

The firm is experienced in Design/Build projects and  seamlessly guide our clients through all stages of the construction process including pre-design, architectural design, interior design and construction. Construction Management services are offered through P+Ra Construction, Inc.  Clients of Perez + Radosti Associates realize that by using a single firm for all of their building project needs instead of separate architects, interior designers and general contractors, no portion of the design and construction process is misinterpreted and the concept that is originally envisioned is ultimately built without compromise of design or quality.  The best architecture is achieved through a process of intensive, ongoing dialogue, collaboration, analysis, editing and application of instinct and insight. Perez + Radosti Associates energetically collaborates with the client and consultants and arrives at appropriate solutions which are aesthetically pleasing, pragmatically efficient works of architectural excellence.

The majority of our clientele have come to us by recommendation because of our reputation for quality service and the fact that the client is an important part of our design team.  Our client’s needs and goals are the foundation we use to fulfill the project requirements.  Perez + Radosti Associates guides our clients through a step-by-step design process, applying their input towards molding and refining the project.  This constant communication assures our clients of a final design that meets all of their aesthetic, programmatic and budgetary goals.  Perez + Radosti Associates transforms the project from a dream to a reality.

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